Scouts: Virtual Board Of Review

What  are Troop 278’s guidelines for doing a video board of review?  The following is adapted from the BSA’s Guide to Advancement (section

  1. A parent or guardian of the Scout – Their role is to verify that the Scout is in a safe environment.
  2. Test all equipment
  3. Make sure everyone is visible
  4. No one within hearing range on either side shall be off-camera.
  5. Once all the members of the board of review are present and the review is about to begin, parents of the Scout must leave the room or move out of hearing distance unless they have specifically been approved to remain as observers.
  6. Once the review process has been concluded, the Scout’s parent or guardian, must rejoin the Scout.
  7. Videoconference boards of review must not be recorded.

Videoconferencing tips

  1. Look presentable
  2. Find a quiet space with a clean background.
  3. Test your equipment
  4. Try for eye contact.

Reference: How to conduct a board of review through videoconferencing