Recharter the Scout and Registered Adult SOP

Recharter the scout and registered adult Standard Operating Procedure.

  1. Print current roster from the Unit Rechartering portal.  Have adult set up Venmo portal with Treasurer’s input.
  2. Ask each scout and each adult on that current roster if they are renewing for the following calendar year.
  3. If yes, inform them that they owe $10/month for scout plus and additional $12 for Boy’s Life subscription.  Adults owe $36/year.  The troop pays for the scout’s $33/year renewal fee. Inform adults that they need an up-to-date YPT certificate.
  4. If no, ask them why they aren’t returning so this may be entered in the Recharter portal when prompted.
  5. Write receipt for cash or check (NEW- need to discuss)
  6. Submit all checks and cash to Treasurer (NEW- need check/cash submittal form when handing funds to the Treasurer- Work with Liz to create this)
  7. Complete online Recharter input.
  8. Print final Recharter report.
  9. Get Charter Organization Representative signature
  10. Submit a copy of the front page to Treasurer and request check to pay for Recharter
  11.  Submit Recharter to Scout Office with check by due date.  Also complete the Journey To Excellence scorecard and get signed by Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Commissioner.   Complete patch order form with Committee Chair and Scoutmaster input.  Request check from Treasurer; order patches. Distribute patches at next troop meeting immediately following receipt of patches.