Communication: What is Slack?

The Troop has a Slack Team ( that ties a lot of our communications together. This is a great tool for short, current details or questions, and searchable discussions. There are targeted channels for focused discussions as well. For example, the #asm channel is for Assistant Scoutmaster discussions. #committee is for any committee topics. #plc is for the Patrol Leader Council. These allow for you to opt-in to whatever level of detail/visibility you want, and helps manage the information overload. Feel free to browse and join any of the channels. None of them are private or closed, they are always open to all viewers. All communications should be in the open. Finally, slack integrates with our calendar and website, so we can see updates to the calendar or website directly in slack. This is a great way to be aware of the update or change, as a passive information radiator. New members of the troop are invited to the slack team. If you need a new invite, ask an adult leader to direct you to someone who can invite or
email .

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