Who are the Merit Badge Counselors?

The Merit Badge Counselor list is a compilation of counselors from all units in the council that use Scoutbook.  Indian Peaks has a list of over 1000 Merit Badge Counselors.  A search form is provided so you can search by merit badge, proximity to the unit’s zip code and availability status of the counselor.

Results depend entirely on the counselor’s Listing Preference. The counselor can control to be listed at the council level, with one or more districts, with one or more units or not listed at all.

How do I find a counselor?

Contact your scoutmaster to request a blue card and for the name and phone number of a Merit Badge Counselor near you.  Scouts, if you email, please carbon copy your parents (send the email to them at the same time) when you email your scoutmaster.

How do Unit Leaders get to the Merit Badge Counselor List? 

The link appears on the Scoutbook Troop page. From the homepage:

  1. Click on My Dashboard
  2. Click on Administration to expand it if it is not already expanded
  3. Under My Units click on Troop 278
  4. Scroll down and click on MB Counselor List