Troop Code of Conduct

Boy Scout Troop 278
Troop Code of Conduct
As a member of Troop 278, I understand that my right to join in the fun of Scouting
requires responsibility on my part to always behave according to the Scout Oath, Scout
Law, Outdoor Code, the Troop 278 Scout Law Policy and the Code of Conduct described
The Code of Conduct for Troop 278 is as follows:
● I will not be disruptive, will pay attention and show respect to both the elected
youth leaders and adult Troop Leaders.
● I will do my best to be on time and in the proper uniform for all meetings and
scheduled Scouting events.
● I will participate in and support the activities of my patrol and Troop to the best
of my abilities.
● I will not haze, threaten, injure or verbally abuse another person.
● I will not abuse things that belong to another person, including Troop
● I will not borrow another person’s equipment or belongings without permission.
● I will not leave a meeting, event or activity without an adult’s permission and
then only with a buddy.
● I will not use profanity, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco while at any Scouting
● I will use matches and stick lighters only when appropriate and safe and only if I
have my “Firem’n Chit” (Cigarette lighters are not appropriate.)
● I will follow “Totin’ Chip” rules and regulations when using knives, axes, and
● I will not take dangerous or unauthorized items (fireworks, firearms,
bows/arrows, sling shots, laser pens, etc.) to Scouting functions.
● I will not take electronic devices to Scouting functions unless authorized by the
● I will perform the duties of my office or assigned responsibility to the best of my
● I will not ask another Scout to perform a task I am not willing to do myself.
● I will attempt, by word and deed, to bring honor upon my patrol, my Troop, and myself.
Consequences of Improper Behavior
The Scouts of Troop 278 elect the Senior Patrol Leaders and the Patrol
Leaders to run the Troop through the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC). The
PLC will initially address any violations of the Code of Conduct.
Consequences could include a verbal warning, suspension from certain
activities, removal of leadership position, referral to the Scoutmaster, or
referral to the Troop Committee for severe violations, in accordance with
Troop 278’s Scout Law Policy.
I will do my best to live up to the Scout Oath and Law and agree to follow
this Code of Conduct.
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