7/20/2018 Marin Sierra Adventure

Marin Sierra Summer Camp / Backcountry Adventure(includes travel to Marin Sierra, Emigrant Gap, California by Train)

Anticipated costs:
Summer Camp Only: ~ $500 (including train travel)
Summer Camp with Backpacking ~ $350 (including train travel)

Dates: Friday, July 20 through Sunday, July 29, 2018

*** NOTE: A $100 non-refundable deposit is due by Monday, December 11, with the balance due in April 2018 ***

Questions: MikeFHeilbron@gmail.com or (720) 320-8733

Located in Emigrant Gap, California, this is the Troop 278’s Summer Camp activity for 2018.We will take the train from Denver, CO to Truckee, CA on the Friday, July 20, to arrive in camp around noon on Saturday (the day before camp starts.) Assuming that the train isn’t TOO late, we will spend the night on the trail at Lake Spaulding, returning back to camp in time for check-in Sunday afternoon.

Summer Camp is open to ALL Scouts. Older Scouts (Currently 7th Grade or higher) will have the opportunity to head out on the trail into the Marin Sierra backcountry – Tahoe National Forest for a 4-day, 3-night backpacking trip of about 20 miles. (NOTE: This is a GREAT warm-up trip for Scouts planning to do the proposed Philmont trip in 2019.) However, it is recommended that Scouts who have not achieved First Class attend the Summer Camp sessions.

Please take a few minutes to make the summer camp experience more enjoyable.

If you are taking the train to camp expect all electronics (phones, tablets, games, …) to be confiscated on the train at 10pm on Friday night. This will encourage the scouts to sleep. Electronics are not allowed in camp. There will also be some electronic free time on the train as we travel through scenic areas and scouts are encouraged to look out the window. Electronics will be returned on the way home either on the train or at the train station if another method of transportation is used. There is no cell phone service during most of the trip. Chaperones are not responsible for electronics, chargers or cables or other stuff that are left on the train during any stop or as kids move around.

Scouts need to eat well so they stay healthy. Do not consume a bunch of candy on the train or in camp. Bring alternatives like trail mix, dried fruit and crackers. One snack a day from the canteen or personal stash would be plenty for the boys.

Toe Nails
It’s time to trim your toenails. Make your boots more comfortable and have time to recover if anything goes wrong.

Ensure your boots you plan on bringing fit well. New boots need to be broken in so the soles and other materials get used to moving with your foot. Wear them around the house and as you run around.

New Gear
Make sure anything you got that was new fits and works as expected. Don’t try things for the first time at camp or while backpacking.

Take a Hike
If you are backpacking during camp put on you backpack with your gear and full water bottles and at least take a walk around the neighborhood or in a park. Make sure your shorts stay on, things are comfortable and nothing is rubbing (back, shoulders, waist).

Travel wearing your Class-B uniform. Bring your Class-A uniform for flag ceremonies.

Pack for the trip and how things get used which may not be how you think things go together. Have a small daypack (something that goes under your seat) for the train with a change of clothes, toiletries, cards, small games and money. Most of your stuff will be in the luggage car and inaccessible. The plan is for everyone to go on a short one night backpacking trip the day the train arrives. Be prepared to leave stuff in camp and leave on a short one night backpacking trip. Have a smellables bag, in tent bag and waterproof (garbage bag) of clothes. Have a bag of clean clothes for the trip home.

If any scouts need a backpack let us know before the meeting Monday. There are a couple available.

Make sure all your paperwork (medical forms, permission slip, payment) are turned in on Monday so the leaders have time to verify they have everything.

We will return home by train on the evening of Sunday, July 29.

Day 1 (Friday, July 20)
Train from Denver, CO to Truckee, CA (~ 8:00am departure)

Day 2 (Saturday, July 21)
Arrive in Truckee, CA (~ 9:30am arrival)
Drive from Truckee, CA to Marin Sierra (~ 20 minutes)
Overnighter to Lake Spaulding (~2 miles)

Day 3 (Sunday, July 22)
Breakfast at Lake Spaulding
Return back to Marin Sierra
Check-in to Marin Sierra

Day 4 (Monday, July 23)
All Scouts: Summer Camp Activities
Older Scouts: Final Backpack Trek planning

Day 5 (Tuesday, July 24)
Younger Scouts: Summer Camp Activities
Older Scouts: Depart for Backpacking trek after Breakfast

Day 6 (Wednesday, July 25)
Younger Scouts: Summer Camp Activities
Older Scouts: Backpacking trek

Day 7 (Thursday, July 26)
Younger Scouts: Summer Camp Activities
Older Scouts: Backpacking trek

Day 8 (Friday, July 27)
Younger Scouts: Summer Camp Activities
Older Scouts: Backpacking trek (back to camp by lunch time)

Day 9 (Saturday, July 28)
Check-out of Marin Sierra
Train from Truckee, CA to Denver, CO (~ 2:30pm)

Day 10 (Sunday, July 29)
Arrive in Denver, CO (~ 6:30pm)

*** Please RSVP as soon as possible ***