Camp Alexander, 7/16/2017-7/22/2017

Camp Alexander provides a unique “Colorado Mountain-Top Experience.” It is located in the beautiful Eleven mile Canyon in the Pike National Forest approximately 45 miles west of Colorado Springs, and two miles south of Lake George.

Camp Alexander group from 278

Relaxing at the tent

“Mini Bear”

The Pool

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Northern Tier Dinner the night before

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Service Project Earth Day April 22nd at 3:00, South Pool Parking Lot

Just a reminder that our April service project is this Saturday, April 22nd from 3:00-5:00 p.m. I have only had a few Scouts let me know that they are participating. We can meet at the South Pool parking lot and walk along the trails behind our homes unless someone knows an area that needs our help.

If you are busy at that time, feel free to participate anytime you can during this weekend. Just, olease let me know how long you participated so I can add it to our service hours log. I’d prefer that we get out there as a group, but any help you can provide is appreciated.

Thank you,

Laurie Cook

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West Point Shakedown

Group picture at Coalton trailhead

Great hike at Coalton trailhead

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West Point Camporee Shakedown 4/2 @ 12:00, Coalton Trailhead

WHAT: West Point Camporee shakedown
WHERE: Coalton Trailhead, Superior CO
DATE/TIME: 04-02-2017 Noon (12:00 PM MDT)
WHAT TO BRING: Backpack (loaded with tent, sleeping bag, daybag), MRE, Water, Raincoat, Boots
GOALS: Try an MRE, learn to pack, ruck together

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Cooking Merit Badge: THIS Sunday!

Interested in earning Cooking Merit Badge?

If so, join us this Sunday from 11am to 12:30pm at the Fire Station.  We will be working on requirements 1 and 2, as well as putting together a plan for completing the rest of the merit badge.

Hope to see you there!!

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Snow Mountain Ranch

Earning flag requirement



Playing volleyball at the Kiva Recreation Center.

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2/11/2017 Klondike Snow Sledding

Scouts pulling Klondike sled

Scouts pulling Klondike sled

Scouts pulling a heavy bag on a large tripod.

Heavy lifting

This event was a lot of fun!  The scouts spent the day steering their “dog sled” (a sled designed and built last year by the troop) between multiple activity stations that are called cities. In this case, however, the “dogs” are fellow Scouts, who pulled the sled wherever the “musher” Scout directed them to go. City activities were all Scout-related like first aid, physical fitness, nature identification and cooking. For dinner, we cooked Barbecue Chicken and Peach Cobbler in Dutch Ovens.  Go to photo gallery…

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West Point Interest Briefing

Hello Troop 278 lighfighters! I will prepare an agenda for our upcoming West Point Camporee April 28th-30th 2017!  This is the 2nd largest scout gathering in the US!  More info:


ADULTS:  I need confirmation if you intend to go.  We’ll need your YPT up to date.

DEADLINE:  I have to send forms and payment (fees) to West Point no later than 05 FEB 2017


  • Events fees – $25.00
  • Activities – Graded competition
  • Entertainment featuring D.J. Xtreeme
  • Preparation – Including sleep and fitness
  • Airfare and outbound flight timing
  • Ground transport – Options
  • Medical forms – Parts ABC
  • Waivers
  • Uniform – Class A & B
  • Gear (Rain suit!), PT clothes, tents and backpacks
  • Food (MREs?)
  • Behavior expectation
  • School impact
  • Scout leadership and roles


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First Aid Training

First Aid Practice

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