Our troop is very active, going to places like Mt. Rushmore, Philmont, Yellowstone, California and the fabulous BenDelatour  scout camp.

We’ve gone snow camping, climbed 14’ers, rafting, hiking, shooting and a wide variety of exciting activities. We also help people in the community by doing traffic control for triathlons and delivering food to the needy. We’ve even gone to California by train!

Besides having a good time, scouting prepares you with life skills that you won’t get in school. Canoeing, starting a campfire, pitching a tent, fixing a car, blasting clays with a shotgun, camping in the snow…there’s over 120 life skills that you can learn and earn a merit badge.

We honor our Eagle Scouts on this page…our highest honor!

Check out this cool video on scouting or go to the Be A Scout. You’ll want to check us out after seeing the Scouting experience!