How to Run an Outing

Below is our regular process for an outing that we have used for a long time.  We are in the process of updating it but until a new process is approved by the committee, this is the process we currently use. 

  • ·         Much of the process is about making sure our scouts are safe
  • ·         The other part of it is for liability coverage.
  • ·         Communication is a big part of it that eliminates a lot of confusion and divisiveness
  • ·         Related to communication is the collaboration of working together so that people feel they are part of the team
  • ·         Parents sometimes forget so ensuring early and often communications about the outing goes a long way
  • ·         Safe scouting is a priority
  • ·         Permission slips are gathered
  • ·         Balance is considered
  • ·         There are even steps done after the outing
StepTimeframe(Timeframes are adjusted depending on the size and complexity of the outing.)Description
13 months priorPOC fills out the Plan and Itinerary tabs of outing workbook and share the link with the “Upcoming-Outings” channel in Slack requesting approval and guidance from the Troop Committee
23 months prior9Present the Plan tab at the Troop Committee Meeting where the Troop Outing/Activities Coordinators can review it. 
3As early as possibleMake reservations and deposits within the necessary time frames.
42 months priorAttend the monthly PLC meeting and announce
52 months priorSend Registration tab email with: 1) RSVP Google Doc and 2) Troop 278 Permission Slip.
61 month priorVerify with Medical Forms Coordinator that all forms are updated for participants.
71 month priorEvent Patrol Leader fills out the “Scout” section of the Roster Tab. POC fills out the “Adult” section of the Roster Tab.
81 month priorSend reminder email (e.g. medicals, permission slips, money, etc…)
92 weeks priorSchedule and conduct a shakedown for hikes, camping, and other events requiring specialized equipment.
10Up until 1 week before outingCollect Troop 278 Permission Slips and Money. Bring copy of RSVP spreadsheet to meeting. Verify. Communicate any outing changes to those on RSVP list to reduce unnecessary emails to those not attending.
111 week priorUpdate Driver tab and share link on “UpcomingOutings” channel in Slack. Remind drivers of procedures to follow in travel reimbursement policy.
121 week priorBefore departure: ensure trip permit is approved by the Outings Coordinator and print copy, permission slips organized, first aid kit gathered along with necessary attendees’ medical forms.
131/2 hour priorBring a copy of this sheet. Meet at the departure site at least half hour before departure. Have list of scouts and contact numbers in case you need to call them if they are late. Have SPL gather scouts for announcements, safety talk, headcount, roll call, and driving assignments.
1415 minutes before departureDistribute Medical Forms, directions, and contact info to the Appropriate Drivers. Drivers should have this available in case of an emergency while en route.
15On arrival at destinationCollect All Medical Forms when destination is reached both to and from the activity.
16During sessionUpdate the Lessons tab of the outing workbook and share link with Troop Committee and PLC.
17Within 1 week of returnUpdate the Advancement tab of outing workbook and share link with Advancement Chair
18Within 1 week of returnCollect all receipts in an envelope and turn into the Treasurer. For gas from drivers and food receipts from grubmasters and document all expenses on Trip Worksheet. Have volunteers and scouts turn in receipts in marked envelopes to Treasurer for reimbursement.

More information can be found in the Troop 278 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)