How to Add an Event to the Scoutbook Calendar?

Go to for more details.

“Feature Assistant Extension” for Scoutbook
You’ll want to install “Feature Assistant Extension” for Scoutbook if you have Chrome or Firefox browser. It allows you to set up recurring events.

Can someone help me with Scoutbook?
Scoutbook Support can. If you have problems with Scoutbook, contact their technical support. They’ll know more than I do and usually get back to you right away…at most within 24 hrs.

How to contact Scoutbook Support?
At the bottom of the Scoutbook homepage, click “Help”, then click on “Contact Us”

Here are some other helpful links: – Landing page for Scoutbook Help – Help by categories – How To’s

More information can be found in the Troop 278 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)