What are the Advancement Steps?

  1. Scout completes the rank requirement as listed in his/her BSA Scout Handbook and gets appropriate sign-offs.
  2. Scout requests and successfully completes a Scoutmaster Conference.
  3. Scout then requests a Board of Review (BOR) from the Advancement Chair via email, phone call, in person request at a troop meeting.  Our Advancement Chair says that an email is important because it helps with tracking and follow through.
  4. Advancement chair confirms that scout has passed Scoutmaster conference by checking Scout’s handbook or confirming with Scoutmaster. Advancement chair confirms with Treasurer that scout is up to date with all dues and fees owed to Troop, although failure to pay fees cannot itself halt the scheduling of the BOR. Let the scout know what is owed and give him/her chance to pay what is owed.
  5. Advancement chair replies to scout with a date for BOR and adds it to Scoutbook calendar.  2 weeks are needed to find scheduled a location, to find committee parents to do the reviews, and to coordinate.
  6. Advancement chair recruits committee members to conduct BOR. Committee members should be trained in their position and how to conduct a BOR by completing Troop Committee Challenge, reading Troop Guide to Advancement, observe a BOR, reviewing procedure with trained committee members, and/or review the current procedures on BSA website on BORs.
  7. Committee members conduct the BOR. Scout comes prepared neat in appearance and dressed in uniform items that he/she owns and brings his/her Scout Handbook.
  8. After successful completion of the BOR, the committee members conducting the BOR sign off the final rank requirement in the scout’s handbook.  They present the scout’s handbook to the Advancement chair, or in his/her absence, to the Scoutmaster for announcement to the troop of scout’s successful completion of that rank.  The scout’s handbook is returned to him/her. The committee members sign the Advancement Report and the Advancement chair submits the Advancement Report to the Council office for final approval.  The rank badge is presented to the scout if the Advancement chair has one.  This is the date the scout’s new rank is effective.  Otherwise, the badge is purchased at the scout store after submitting Advancement Report and presented at next meeting.
  9. The scout is also recognized with the new rank at the next Court of Honor (COH).
  10. No scout’s new rank will be recognized within 2 weeks of the Court of Honor date. For example, if the scout earned his Tenderfoot rank on Mon, Jun 3, and the Court of Honor is on Sun, Jun 16, the scout’s new rank will not be recognized at this COH, but will be recognized at the subsequent COH.  This is to give enough time for the Court of Honor Coordinator and Advancement Chair to create the COH program, and for the emcees to prepare the COH script to accurately reflect scouts’ achievements.


More information can be found in the Troop 278 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)