How Do I Connect to the Troop’s Google Calendar?

To view the Calendar in a browser click here

To view the Upcoming Events on our website, click here

Add it to “Calendar” on your iPhone

If you use “Calendar” on an iPhone (ie not Google Calendar app), you can “Subscribe” to the Troop 278 Calendar by clicking here, and then following the “Subscribe” prompts.

Add it to “Google Calendars” on your Android, iPhone, or Desktop

If you use Google Calendar, you can add the Troop 278 calendar to your Google Calendars list, and then see it on your phone. From a laptop or desktop (you have to do this first, even if you just want to get it on your phone, you cannot add it just from the phone), follow the steps here. First, click on the “Add using a link” section to expand the instructions, then on step 4, use this link:

It should show up on your phone’s calendar list in a few minutes. Restart the app if not, and then follow the steps here (see the “Check that Calendar is synced” section) to make sure the Troop calendar is syncing.