Handbooks, Rank and Merit Badges Cards

Your new Scout should begin to develop good habits from their first day as a Scout. The Boy Scout Handbook is the official record for a Scout and should be brought to each meeting and should have each met requirement signed off and dated in his book. When a Scout has passed his Life Rank board of review his book will be matched against TroopMaster records. If there are discrepancies the book will be used to correct the records.

You may wish to take pictures or photocopy the handbook when pages are signed off in case the book becomes lost. If a handbook is unusable and a new one is purchased be sure to keep the old book as well as having the new book signed going forward.

As a backup to the handbook, new Scouts should purchase a three ring binder with baseball card holders. Each card that is given to the Scout when they earn a merit badge, rank or award should be entered. Make sure that all cards are signed and dated upon receipt. This is also a great place to keep Blue Cards as your Scout works on merit badges.

Please do not rely on ScoutBook for your records.