Merit Badge Procedures

Merit Badge Steps:

  1. Scout goes to Scoutmaster to get a blue card for the merit badge.
  2. The Scoutmaster will provide the scout a merit badge counselor contact information.
  3. Scout email the MB counselor and CC parents.
  4. The MB Counselor will help figure out a good time to meet with you. Sometimes a few meetings are needed.
  5. You and one of your parents goes with you to the meeting. You can also bring a buddy.
  6. At the meeting(s) the MB counselor will guide you through meeting the requirements and have fun along the way.
  7. When you finish the requirements, the MB counselor will sign
  8. Enter the checked off requirements on your blue card into ScoutBook with one of your parents.
  9. Email the Advancement Chair that you are finished and have the signed blue card.

The Merit Badge Counselor list is a compilation of counselors from all units in the council that use Scoutbook.  Indian Peaks has a list of over 1000 Merit Badge Counselors.  A search form is provided so you can search by merit badge, proximity to the unit’s zip code and availability status of the counselor.

more on how to find Merit Badge Counselors…