Financial Policies and Procedures

All funds received by the Treasurer shall be deposited in the Troop checking account.
Disbursements (Checks)
All disbursements must be documented. Acceptable documentation includes:
● Invoice from the vendor that includes date, amount and description of goods/services provided.
● Entry made into the minutes of the Committee authorizing Treasurer to disburse funds.
The Treasurer shall note on each document the date of the disbursement and the check number.
Expense Reimbursements
Expense reimbursements to troop members will be made upon presentation of a receipt showing
vendor, date, amount, description of goods/services provided and reason for purchase.
The Treasurer shall note on each document the date of the disbursement and the check number.
Bank Statements
A copy of the monthly bank statement(s) shall be mailed via USPS to the Committee Chair. The
treasurer may also access the monthly statement directly via the bank website.
The Treasurer is responsible for reconciling the bank statement on a monthly basis to the records of the
Debit Cards
Debit cards may be issued to signers on the Troop bank account and may be used by those individuals to
pay for legitimate troop expenses when writing a check is inconvenient or not feasible (i.e. camp
deposits, expenses while on scout trips, etc).
The Treasurer will review the bank statement and verify that all debit card transactions are legitimate
and documented (see Disbursements above) .
Financial Report to the Committee
The Treasurer shall present to the Committee a set of financial statements, either in person or via email.
This set of statements shall include:
● Balance Sheet
● P&L Budget vs Actual
● Scout Account Balances
● Discretionary Funds
Review of the Books
DRAFT – Financial Policies and Procedures
The Treasurer shall make available the financial records of the troop any time upon request of the
Additionally, the Committee shall be required to do a review of the records:
● Not less than once a year during the budgeting cycle
● Any time the Treasurer fails to deliver a financial report to Committee for two months in a row