If you are a boy between the ages of 11 and 18, Scouting can get you essential life skills while having fun! Troop 278 is located in Superior Colorado and is chartered by the Friends of Troop 278.  We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our troop and Boy Scouts.

Are you a young man or woman 14 – 20 years old interested in Venturing? Check out our new Crew 278!
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Gold! Gold! Gold Mine

Group picture in front of mine portal

Edgar Mine portal entrance

Classroon in the mine

Heavy equipment

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6/11/2018 Troop Meeting – Cookout at Asti Park

To see all the photos, join https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuperiorTroop278/

Grillin’ at Asti Park

Cooking skills



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2018-04-22 – Scout Orienteering

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2018-04-08 Scout Welding

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4/13/2018 – Spring Camporee at Ft. Lupton

Check out the pot lid

To see all the pictures visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/SuperiorTroop278/

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Some Photos of the Mining Outing

Troop picture with Mine Emergency vehicle

Mine Emergency vehicle

Stay tuned for a gold mine tour.

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3/28 Mining Merit Badge Outing

Mine experts discussion in an underground mineA number of scouts have expressed interest in the Mining in Society merit badge. This outing is a response to that feedback.

WHO: Scouts and Scouters, Adult Leader POC: ASM Ron M.

WHAT: For the outing, we will visit bona fide mining experts, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) facility, and see the emergency response vehicles. This outing will complement the MBU training on 3/17.

WHERE: Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

DEPART: 7:45am Wed Mar 28,, Safeway parking lot in front of Flatirons Family Dental & Orthodontics
RETURN: 11am Wed, Mayr 28, Safeway parking lot

WHY: Mining in Society merit badge requirements

DRESS: Class A uniform. Proper shoes. No sport pants. We will be indoors and then walk outdoors to emergency vehicles.

SLACK CHANNEL: https://troop278.slack.com/messages/C9LDV0XK3
CALENDAR EVENT: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r/eventedit/MmliYWFpazNqN3RjZmpvNm11bTY4ZDZzOXAgdHJwMjc4QG0?tab=mc

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3/2/2018 Snow Mountain Ranch

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Scrub Lords Patrol Meeting & Bowling

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Fun Bowling!

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2/23/2018 Klondike at Golden Gate State Park

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It is that time of year again!!  Klondike is simply one of my favorite Scouting events – snow, great Dutch Oven food, and cool activities.  We have gotten bigger and better every year, and I expect that the trend will continue..!
Please be sure to register using the link below before Thursday, February 15.
Since this is the first outing for the Scouts who just crossed over from Pack 278, I (strongly) recommend that they join us for the day on Saturday
For those folks who are new to Winter camping, I have attached the following documents:
BoysLife_ColdWeatherGearList.pdf A very good Winter camping recommended gear list

(See https://boyslife.org/outdoors/outdoorarticles/6981/checklist-for-a-basic-cold-weather-outing/  for more information)

KlondikeSafety.pdf Safety-related excerpts from the Klondike Leader Guide. (There are a lot of good tips inside)

Let me know if you would like a copy of the entire document.

278_180223_Permission_Klondike.pdf Please bring a completed (and signed!) copy of the permission slip with you to the event.
Finally, here are the event details:
Campout: Boy Scout Klondike:  Reverends Ridge Campground, Golden Gate State Park, Blackhawk, CO
   DEPART:  4:00pm   Friday, February 23, 2018
   RETURN: about 11:00am,   Sunday, February 25, 2018
   BRING:  Please plan on bringing the following:
• Winter Clothing:  PLEASE bring PAC boots or Snow boots and NO cotton clothing.
           (See the attached pdf file for gear recommendations)
• A daypack with the 10 Essentials
• A filled Water Bottle
• A sack dinner for Friday night (“Seasoned” Boy Scouts and adults only)
NOTE:  The 2018 Klondike Leader Guide contains a LOT of very useful information about the event and how to camp safely in the winter.  I highly recommend reading it if it is your son’s first Klondike event (and even if it isn’t!)  We will review the key concepts during troop meetings leading up to the event.
Event costs:
• Adults and Youth Participants: $20
• City Staff or Order of the Arrow volunteers:  $14
• New Scouts (Saturday Daytime only):  $5
Additional costs:
• Saturday Breakfast (“Seasoned” Boy Scouts only):  $3
• Saturday Lunch (All participants): $4
• Saturday Dinner (All participants): $5
• Sunday Dinner (“Seasoned” Boy Scouts only): $5
Total costs:
• Adults and Youth Participants: $35
• City Staff or Order of the Arrow volunteers:  $29
• New Scouts (Saturday Daytime only):  $14
Also, please be sure to provide your driver with $2 for gas money.
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